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Here at The Nexus, our goal is to make your Wikia experience an enjoyable one, where you can freely role-play, write fan-fictions, and pretty much do whatever the hell you want! :D Be sure to abide by the very few rules of our Code of Conduct. Drop by our chatroom whenever you want to share some fun times with others who have the same interests in manga, anime, and video games. Also, if you're confused about what the hell we say sometimes, consult our "dictionary".

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Godspeed by Desboy96: is an original series created by Desboy96, and edited by RockLepus145ES. It is set in the world of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail Manga and draws influence from Shinobu Ohtaka's Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. The story follows the adventures of Leon Solhart, as he travels Earthland to discover the truth about the Great Ether. It's story is original, but it has been inspired by many different anime. Characters are adapted from popular anime including Soul Eater, Hunter x Hunter, Hitman Reborn and many more. It's chapters are released at the writer's disclosure, meaning at almost random. Be sure to check out every chapter, and once your done tell us what you think in the comment section, but most of all, Enjoy!!

Latest Chapter: Godspeed the Guild Wars Part One, Chapter 2 - Dungeons

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